M&M Holzmann

MLH & Matt Holzmann are growing a family. We welcome you to follow our progress.

I’m a bit more timely this month. Here’s the July issue of my Deployed Times. Thank you for taking the time and interest to keep up with me and my brothers in arms.

UPDATE: I have a solare pump headed my way for the aquaponics project I want to start up here in Nawa. Additionally, I have permission to start the project, along with space….now it’s time to design.


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2 Responses to “ISAF ‘09- Deployed Times Vol 2, Issue 3”

  1. Eduardo Torres says:

    My man… I am so glad to see you are safe and sound. I have been keeping up with you, on your site, which you so diligently keep updated. Wish I was was there with you!

    You see Cameron much or anyone from Weapons?

    Please extend my best wishes to them all. Stay safe!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for keeping up with me; I really appreciate the support. We wish you were here, too. I see your prodigy, Golden, every day. I see your old boss man, 1stSgt W, on a regular basis. In fact, he and I worked on that RIAB (mentioned in the newsletter) very closely in the early days. As for Cam…never see him, b/c your comrades are seriously OFP, and winning the war big time. Between your crew and B Co, they are super heroes.

    Say ‘hi’ to Tara and your ‘kids’!

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